Table 3

Comparison of children’s symptoms and signs

Median(IQR)Median(IQR)p Value
Symptom or sign
Illness duration prior to consultation5 days(3–13)7 days(4–14)0.034
Clinician reported illness severity score (0–10)3(2–4)3(2–4)0.022
Carer reported illness severity score (0–10)4.891.755.231.940.045
n/N % n/N % §
Severe cough (24 hours prior to consultation)41/20819.7%79/29227.1%0.058
Severe fever (24 hours prior to consultation)15/2087.2%26/2928.9%0.50
Moderate or severe vomiting (24 hours prior)18/2088.7%41/29214.0%0.066
High temperature (≥37.8°C)29/20813.9%29/2929.9%0.17
High respiratory rate*11/2085.3%44/29215.1%<0.001
Intersubcostal recession5/2082.4%11/2923.8%0.39
Wheeze (auscultation)17/2088.2%48/29216.4%0.007
Crackles or crepitations37/20817.8%65/29222.3%0.22
Clinician had ‘gut feeling’ something was wrong12/2085.8%34/29211.6%0.025
  • *Using age-related cut-offs.

  • †Mann-Whitney U test.

  • ‡T-test.

  • §χ2 test.