Table 1

Comparison of the clinician variables in the two arms of the trial

n/N or median% or (IQR)n/N or median% or (IQR)p Value
Clinician profile
 Number of GCP trained clinicians34/5858.6%32/4669.6%0.25*
 Years since qualified22(14–27)23(17–27)0.38†
Clinicians who recruited
 Number of recruiting clinicians30/5851.7%34/4673.9%0.021*
 Number of recruiting nurses7/1163.6%11/1384.6%0.36‡
 Number of recruiting GPs23/4748.9%23/3369.7%0.064*
Number of children recruited by clinician type
 Number of children recruited by nurses65/20931.1%155/29253.1%<0.001*
 Number of children recruited by GPs144/20968.9%137/29246.9%<0.001*
Recruitment of children
 Median number of children recruited per clinician1(0–4)3(0–11)0.014†
 Median number recruited per nurse3(0–7)12(3-17)0.13†
 Median number recruited per GP0(0–4)2(0–4)0.077†
  • 2 test.

  • †Mann-Whitney U test.

  • ‡Fisher’s exact test.

  • GP, general practitioner.