Table 6

Verbatim quotes from the clinicians

Quotes (type of clinician, number, arm of trial)
Q1if they were quite poorly I wouldn’t be putting them into CHICO, because it would take me um… longer to do that consultation and examination and think about the plan of care.’ (NP, #182, Intervention Arm)
Q2in a busy duty surgery, whilst triaging, would just forget and would book them in as the normal route through the duty surgery or with a nurse practitioner. So there were definitely probably children being seen that were missed.’ (GP, #207, Control Arm)
Q3need to examine them first to make sure that they weren’t acutely unwell.’ (GP, #145, Intervention Arm)
Q4generally by the time you’ve got to that (the odds ratios) you’ve given your advice, haven’t you, and you’ve got a gut instinct that actually there isn’t anything wrong with that child.’ (NP, # 162, Intervention Arm)
Q5I would say that the question that skewed the algorithm the most, in my opinion, was the vomiting one. I think a lot of times parents would be over-reporting severity of vomiting. And that’s difficult, I know, because you’re looking for subjective data from parents.’ (GP, #133, Intervention Arm)
Q6I don’t think it influenced me in my antibiotic prescribing at all. … I’m very aware that we over-prescribe, but I think that, you know, like I said, I think there are times where I overrode your system regardless.’ (NP, #104, Intervention Arm)
Q7it was nice to have the reassurance that the algorithm backed me up, if I’d thought that they didn’t need antibiotics…. And sometimes I used that to reassure parents as well. But… I knew what I was going to do based on history and examination already, as opposed to using the algorithm to dictate my choices of what I was going to do.’ (NP, #133 Intervention Arm)
Q8 ‘But there were some conflicting things where it said, ‘No antibiotics,’ and I was going to prescribe anyway. So I just said, ‘I know it says that, but actually I feel (prescribing antibiotics) is more appropriate,’ for whatever reasons. (GP, #104, Intervention Arm)
  • NP, nurse practitioner; GP, general practitioner.