Table 1B

Details of the case–control studies meeting the inclusion criteria

Case–control studyCountryCase selectionN (% men) and age of casesControl selectionN (% men) and age of controlsMeasurement of coffee consumptionOutcomeNOS quality score
Gallus et al (study 1)37 ItalyHospital501 (75) aged 20–75 (median 60)Patients with non-cancer disorders in same hospital and from same catchment area1552 (74) aged 18–75 (median 56)FFQHCC5
Gallus et al (study 2)37 GreeceHospital333 (85) aged 31–79 (median 65)Patients with non-cancer disorders in same hospital360 (83) aged 24–79 (median 65)FFQHCC5
Gelatti et al 42 ItalyHospital250 (82) aged less than 80 (mean 63.8)Patients without liver disease in same hospital500 aged less than 80 (mean 64.1)FFQHCC7
Ohfuji et al 43 JapanAttending hospital for HCV follow-up73 (47) (mean age 68.9)Attending hospital for HCV follow-up253 (52) (mean age 68.3)FFQHCC5
Tanaka et al 33 JapanHospital209 (68) aged 40–79 (mean 67)Community controls randomly selected1308 (50) (mean 57)FFQHCC4
Montella et al 32 ItalyHospital185 (81) aged 43–84 (median 66)Patients in same hospital412 (68) aged 40–82 (median 65)FFQHCC5
Leung et al 45 Hong KongAttending hospital for HBV follow-up109 (79) aged ≤39 to ≥60Attending hospital for HBV follow-up125 (82) aged ≤39 to ≥60FFQHCC5
Stucker et al 44 FranceHospital165 (100) aged <75Patients without liver disease in same hospital142 (100) aged <75FFQHCC4
  • FFQ, food frequency questionnaire; HBV, hepatitis B virus; HCC, hepatocellular carcinoma; HCV, hepatitis C virus; NOS, Newcastle-Ottawa Scale.