Table 1

Some examples of the 55 individual Wise pieces of advice included in the Wise List

Example of adviceCategory of advice
Use naproxen as first choice when prescribing COX inhibitorsChoice of medicine
Choose simvastatin for prevention of cardiovascular disease in high-risk patients with normal to medium increased levels of cholesterolChoice of medicine
Do not use quinolones for treatment of uncomplicated urinary tract infection (UTI) in womenChoice of medicine
Always give the patient an updated medication listGeneral advice
Estimate and consider renal function in the selection and dosing of medicinesGeneral advice
Verify the diagnosis before treating according to the ‘heart failure treatment ladder’ and seek to establish good heart rate control (below 70 bpm in sinus rhythm)General advice
Do not treat uncomplicated acute bronchitis with antibioticsOvertreatment
Do not treat asymptomatic bacteriuria in the elderly and only culture from urine if the patient is experiencing urinary tract symptomsOvertreatment
Treatment with proton pump inhibitors is not advisable in the case of stomach pain of unknown causeOvertreatment
Improve antihypertensive treatment: determine a target blood pressure together with the patient, combine medicines more often and follow-upUndertreatment
Treat depression to complete remissionUndertreatment
Increase the use of medicines to prevent relapse in alcohol dependence and follow-up treatment outcomeUndertreatment
  • Categories: (1) choice of medicine—that is, preferred choice of substance within a group of medicines used for a specific diagnosis, (2) overtreatment—that is, avoid using medicines unnecessarily, (3) undertreatment—that is, reminders to look for and treat conditions that are often inadequately diagnosed and/or treated or (4) any other type of general advice related to drug therapy.