Table 1

Data extraction for the scoping review research questions

Data to be extracted
  • Author(s)

  • Title

  • Citation

  • Type of publication; published or grey

  • Location: country and region

  • Scoping review research question addressed

Research question 1: populations, settings, service providers, interventions, infrastructure and care coordination methods
  • Population characteristics (age, sex, other demographics, inclusion/exclusion criteria)

  • Type of service setting(s)

  • Titles of service providers and description of roles

  • Name and description of interventions and any adaptations

  • Infrastructure (eg, methods of sharing health records and care plans, health registries, outcome tracking systems)

  • Care coordination methods

Research question 2: constructs and outcomes; measurement and evaluation
  • Constructs of interest, how they were measured, whether they were used to evaluate a component of integrated care

  • Outcomes examined

  • Goals of integrated care