Table 5

Reasons treatment was positively evaluated

Category Percentage of sample (%) Example of comment
Listens to patients44He is an extremely skilled dentist who pays great attention to detail and to listening to his patients… concerns.
Good interpersonal skills29The most best gp I have ever met, so nice to talk, very patience dr, more professional, very good listener very helpful, very kind!
Good communication between staff members8Excellent Team The [NAME] Practice offers an excellent team approach to healthcare, as far as I can see all services are fully integrated with excellent communication between all disciplines.
Not rushed7I have found my doctor to be a very good listener and though doctors are very busy, I have never felt my consultations rushed.
Sensitive5Communication was excellent, given in a sensitive caring manner and straightforward clarity.
Frequent3Communication wad excellent and I was always kept up to date by my surgeon.
Involves patient’s family3The communication was excellent with my husband being able to ask questions about the timing of the surgery, what to expect & how he could help in my recovery!
Perceived as honest1This to me is the best NHS GP surgery in the area! Caring and second to none treatment honest good advice.