Table 6

Reasons communication was negatively evaluated

Category Percentage of sample (%) Example of comment
Does not listen to patients32Patronising and a bad listener I have decided to register with another GP after being a patient at this clinic for 4 year. I feel that one doctor doesn’t really take the time to listen, even if it is a problem that may be sensitive or embarrassing.
Poor interpersonal skills29The two doctors have bad attitude and very bad advice and clearly don’t care about your welfare. Totally avoid.
Poor interstaff communication14There is poor communication between admin here and medical staff. Results go into a black hole and don’t seem to reach or be reviewed or followed up by doctors.
Failure to make contact to arrange appointments9We waited 6 weeks to receive an appointment for our son despite continued phone calls to the consultants secretary and a business manager and various admin staff. NTW obviously feel at this level of communication is adequate. When I did ring on numerous occasions I was assured a response but not rang back.
Unreliable telephone services7My complaint is in relation to poor communication from outside agencies and from myself trying to access support via telephone. There is an online service but that advises you not to leave anything important as it is not always checked.
Failure to involve patients’ relatives4However after another phone call to the A & E sister she explained very clearly that my mother had in actual fact gone from them to the [NAME] ward at around 04.30 and they did not want to contact me at that early time but expected the ward staff to do this after admission to their ward. The Sister agreed that it was poor communication, especially as my mother is very elderly and frail and potentially having fractured her hip she may have died.
Rushed4Rushed consultations and poor communication.
Poor English language skills1Front line staff are poor in communication and poorly trained except for the two senior staff. Some of the staff at the reception are unable to express (in English) causing miscommunication and stress to patients.