Table 4

Reasons treatment was negatively evaluated

Category Percentage of sample (%) Example of comment
Poor interpersonal skills35Nursing staff are insensitive, they have poor insight in how to care for the mentally ill. They are bullies and self-centred. Patients are picked on and have the micky taken out of them by nursing staff. An absolute shambles and one of the worse care providers.
Lack of appointment availability25Not only can you never get an appointment, but the extremely rude and unhelpful receptionist tops this GP surgery to be surely one of the worst for care of patients.
Technically incompetent18Ward 23 Appalling care. Our relative was admitted for simple antibiotics for an infection in her leg. 2 days later she is bed bound after having her other medical complications completely ignored.
Poor communication skills8Simple nursing care non-existent, communication to family again non-existent.
Lack of aftercare6Aftercare seems to be something they have no idea exists… instead of being a standard procedure it is totally ignored. That tells me they do not care. Absolutely Awful - If you can go to a different GP then do!
Unclean facilities4The place is dirty and the standard of care is so bad I honestly can’t believe the hospital has not been shut down.
Difficulty accessing test results2Poor customer care. The GPs themselves are good. However, I had blood tests done recently and have had a nightmare trying to find out the results.
Lack of seating and space in waiting areas2People that were visibly ill were holding themselves up against the walls and sitting on the floor. It was absolutely shocking. Probably the worst care I have ever seen within the NHS. Again, no further seating was provided.