Table 8

Reasons interpersonal skills were negatively evaluated

Category Percentage of sample (%) Example of comment
Rude/impolite54Receptionist staff are disrespectful and have a complete bad attitude towards me and others over the phone, some may be kind but other than that they have a disgusting attitude, as for doctors, they are ok since they listen to me.
No one answers the phone16Extreme bad manners when you have to call the surgery 8 times (and counting) to ask to speak to a doctor (during the times they recommend).
Dismissive11%Bad manners Reception have a terrible attitude, very rude and dismissive.
Lazy11Worse still when I try and book a later date the only GP that is available is awful. Their attitude is diabolical and the snorting all the time is so off putting. I find them so rude and their lethargic attitude annoys me.
Does not listen to patients5Never have I witnessed such bad manners from a healthcare professional. Did not listen or care about anything I had to say.
Not smiling/look unhappy3One of the drs for children is especially bad attitude, they always showing unhappy face to my children who is afraid, and they were rude to my partner one time when he was not speaking good English.