Table 1

Current teaching on the topic of MUS by foundation programmes within foundation schools

Is there teaching on MUS within FY1/2 training?Yes (9/53), No (39/53), No response (5/53)
Is this a formal teaching session?Yes (6/53), No (17/53), N/A (24/53), No response (10/53)
Is there any reference made to avoiding overinvestigation during MUS teaching or elsewhere?Yes (21/53), No (23/53), No response (9/53)
Do these topics arise within case-based discussion or Balint-type groups?Yes (22/53), No (19/53), No response (12/53)
  • FY1/FY2, 1-year/2-year foundation programme; MUS, medically unexplained symptoms; NA, not applicable.