Table 1

Attributes and levels for the discrete choice experiments (DCEs)

Attribute label Attribute description Attribute levels
InformationBy ‘information’ we mean information about pain,* the conditions that cause it, and the different ways there are of managing itProvides everyone with the same information (NEUTRAL)
Provides information that is relevant to you (HIGH)
SituationBy ‘current situation’, we mean things like where you live, who you live with, what resources you have, what you usually do for yourself and others, and how pain* currently affects thatTakes little account of your current situation (NEUTRAL)
Makes suggestions that fit your current situation (HIGH)
Living wellBy ‘what you want to get from life’, we mean the things that really matter to you, especially the kinds of things that you would like to achieve or to spend more time doing, and the kind of person that you want to beSeems to think that everyone wants to get the same from life (NEUTRAL)
Works with you on what you want to get from life (HIGH)
CommunicationBy ‘communication’, we mean the way that the support service might communicate with youCommunicates with you in a neutral professional way (NEUTRAL)
Communicates with you in a friendly and personal way (HIGH)
CostPlease assume that each support service will be provided once a week for 6 weeksCosts £5 per week
Costs £10 per week
Costs £15 per week
Costs £20 per week
  • *Or breathlessness, depending on sample.