Table 1

Study inclusion/exclusion criteria

Inclusion criteriaExclusion criteria
▸ 18 years or older at enrolment▸ <18 years at enrolment
▸ Reports exchanging sex (vaginal, oral and/or anal) for money or goods at least once in the past month▸ Has not exchanged any form of sex in the past month
▸ Self-reported HIV negative and no recent HIV test (<3 months) OR HIV status unknown
  • Self-reported to be living with HIV

  • Self-reported HIV negative but tested within the past 3 months

▸ Permanent residence in the study town of enrolment (Livingstone, Chirundu, Kapiri)
  • Planning to move out of the geographical area within 4 months

  • Living in the PopART catchment area (Livingstone only)

▸ Willing to participate in peer education sessions and study assessments over a 4-month study period▸ Meets inclusion criteria but does not wish to participate
▸ Concurrently participating in another HIV prevention study