Table 1

Tools measuring SB for population surveillance identified in the inventory

AcronymName of tool/studyKey reference
45Up-B45 and Up Study, baseline questionnaire19
45Up-F45 and Up Study, follow-up questionnaire19
ACS2American Cancer Society, Cancer Prevention Study cohort II20
ALTSAustralian Leisure Time Sitting questionnaire21
AusDiabThe Australian Diabetes Obesity and Lifestyle study22
CCHSCanadian Community Health Survey23
CFSCanadian Fitness Survey24
CHAMPSCommunity Health Activities Model Program for Seniors physical activity questionnaire15
ELSAEnglish Longitudinal Study of Ageing25
EPAQ2European Prospective Investigation of Cancer (EPIC)-Norfolk Physical Activity Questionnaire26
mod EQPAQ2modified version of the EPIC-Norfolk Physical Activity Questionnaire27
GPAQGlobal Physical Activity Questionnaire28
HSEHealth Survey for England29
HUNT3Nord-Trøndelag Health Study 330
IPAQ-L l7dInternational Physical Activity Questionnaire, Long version, last 7 days31
IPAQ-L uwInternational Physical Activity Questionnaire, Long version, usual week31
mod IPAQ-Lmodified version of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire, Long version32
IPAQ-S l7dInternational Physical Activity Questionnaire, Short version, last 7 days31
IPAQ-S uwInternational Physical Activity Questionnaire, Short version, usual week31
LASALongitudinal Ageing Study Amsterdam33
MLTPAQMinnesota Leisure Time Physical Activity Questionnaire34
MOSTMeasuring Older adults' Sedentary Time questionnaire35
NHANESNational Health and Nutrition Examination Survey36
mod NHANESmodified version of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey37
NHS2Nurses Health Survey II38
NIH-AARP DHSNational Institutes of Health—American Association of Retired Persons (NIH-AARP) Diet and Health Survey39
NSWPASNew South Wales Physical Activity Survey40
PASEPhysical Activity Scale for the Elderly41
PASTPast-day Adults Sedentary Time questionnaire42
PAST-U*Past-day Adults Sedentary Time questionnaire—University version43
PCSpaprospective cohort study (Spain)44
SBQSedentary Behaviour Questionnaire45
SHSScottish Health Survey46
SIT-Q-7d*past seven day version of the SIT-Q48
STAR-Q*Sedentary Time and Reporting Questionnaire49
STAQ*Sedentary, Transportation and Activity Questionnaire50
  • Acronym: the commonly used acronym of the tool, or the short identifier adopted for this article. Name of tool: the name of the tool, or the name of the single study using these questions/tool. Key reference: references provided here are not exhaustive, but refer either to an early or well-cited description of the tool, or the study in which the tool was used or adapted. Tools marked with an asterisk (*) were identified in the updated search, and were not used to create the taxonomy.

  • SB, sedentary behaviour.