Table 4

Immediate and late complications of thyroidectomy performed in 2010, by the type of thyroid diagnosis, Sniiram, France

CancerBenign noduleMultiple nodules
and goitre
benign nodule ratio
goitre ratio
N=5979N=7270N=13 350
Immediate complications
During the hospitalisation
 Mean length of stay >3 days42%29%39%1.41.1
 Compressive haematoma0.4% (n=25)0.3% (n=23)0.4% (n=52)1.31.0
 Mortality0.2% (n=14)0.0% (n=0)0.0% (n<10)
 One-month mortality0.3% (n=19)0.0% (n<10)0.1% (n=10)
Late complications
Severe complications*1.4% (n=84)0.4% (n=32)0.6% (n=86)3.52.3
Other complications during the first year
 At least 2 ear-nose-throat specialist consultations15%13%11%1.21.3
 At least 1 speech therapy session8.8%4.1%6.5%2.11.4
 Testing for recurrent laryngeal nerve injury†2.3% (n=137)1.2% (n=90)1.2% (n=164)1.91.9
At least 1 of these complications23%17%17%1.31.3
Hypoparathyroidism complications
 At least 3 serum calcium assays and at least 3 deliveries of calcium supplements‡5.7%1.0%3.5%5.71.6
 Readmission for hypoparathyroidism0.2% (n=11)0% (n=0)0% (n=0)
At least 1 hypoparathyroidism complication5.8%1.0%3.5%5.81.7
At least 1 complication or hypoparathyroidism27%18%20%1.51.3
Other readmissions for—thyroid disorders6.4%1.4%2.2%4.62.9
 Hypercalcaemia1.2% (n=71)0.1% (n<10)0.1% (n=18)
  • Italics denotes the percentage of patients with hypoparathyroidism or a complication of hypoparathyroidism as renal lithiasis.

  • *Tracheobronchial stent, tracheotomy, arytenoidectomy, etc.

  • †Laryngeal function tests, indirect laryngoscopy, etc.

  • ‡During the 4th to the 12th month after thyroidectomy.