Table 3

Post-thyroidectomy care pathway (following 12 months after surgery in 2010), by the type of thyroid diagnosis, Sniiram, France

CancerBenign noduleMultiple nodules and goitreCancer/benign nodule ratioCancer/goitre ratio
N=5979N=7270N=13 350
TSH assay96%93%97%1.01.0
T3 assay51%26%28%2.01.9
T4 assay76%63%68%1.21.1
Levothyroxine replacement therapy95%58%92%1.61.0
In those with total thyroidectomy99%97%99%1.01.0
In those with partial thyroidectomy73%44%48%1.71.5
≥1 endocrinology consultation56%34%39%1.71.4
≥1 ear-nose-throat specialist consultation33%36%32%0.91.0
In patients with at least one day of sick leave
 Mean number of days/patient89 days38 days45 days2.32.0
Per cent of patients, with
 >10 days of sick leave96%94%97%1.01.0
 >14 days of sick leave93%85%93%1.11.0
 >21 days of sick leave81%60%75%1.41.1
  • TSH, thyroid-stimuling hormone.