Table 1

Lesion description, age, sex, PTA (average in dB HL at 500, 1000, 2000 and 4000 Hz) and HFA (average in dB HL at 4000, 6000 and 8000 Hz)

I (1)64M22.528.1Paramedial right thalamus
I (9)32M1511.6Right insula infarct
I (4)52M2526Left medulla oblongata, occipital lobe, hippocampus and right cerebellum infarct
I (6)32M5.56.6Right temporal lobe infarct
SC (3)44M8.311.6Right putamen/corona radiata infarct
SC (5)53F2528.3Right superior parietal lobule infarct
SC (2)24M18.316.6Left frontotemporal and insula infarct
SC (7)78M2530.1Left occipito-temporal infarct
SC (8)64M22.528.1Right temporal infarct
  • A Mann-Whitney U test showed no statistically significant difference for age, PTA and HFA of intervention and the standard care group.

  • dB, decibel; F, female; HFA, high-frequency average; HL, hearing level; I, intervention; M, male; PTA, pure-tone average; SC, standard care.