Table 2

Prethyroidectomy care pathway (previous 12 months prior surgery in 2010), by the type of thyroid diagnosis, Sniiram, France

CancerBenign noduleMultiple nodules and goitreCancer/
benign nodule ratio
goitre ratio
N=5979N=7270N=13 350
Thyroid ultrasound80%84%82%1.01.0
Fine-needle aspiration cytology of the thyroid44%34%23%1.31.9
Thyroid scintigraphy18%21%22%0.90.8
 At least one of the 389%91%88%1.01.0
TSH assay89%91%92%1.01.0
T3 assay36%35%37%1.01.0
T4 assay63%65%66%1.01.0
Calcitonin assay44%39%39%1.11.1
Calcium assay58%50%55%1.21.1
 No T3, T4 or TSH assay10%8%8%1.21.3
≥3 thyroid hormone deliveries21%16%19%1.31.1
≥1 endocrinology consultation49%44%49%1.11.0
≥1 ear-nose-throat specialist consultation43%49%43%0.91.0
  • Italic font denotes the sum of images or blood analysis performed before thyroidectomy. TSH, thyroid-stimuling hormone.