Table 1

New food-based standards for a primary school meal and the percentage of meals achieving them

FoodPortion size (g) aged 4–10 yearsPer cent of current school meals achieved
1One or more portions of vegetables40–6042.0
2One or more portions of fruit40–6025.5
3A portion of milk and dairyMilk: 150–200
Cheese: 20–30
Yoghurt: 80–120
4One or more portions of starchy foodPotatoes: 120–170
Bread: 50–70
5A portion of meat, fish, egg or alternativesRed meat: 50–80
White meat: 60–85
Fish: 60–90
Eggs: 1 egg
6Drinking waterAlways67.0
7No confectionery or chocolateNone50.4