TableĀ 2

Results of COSMIN checklist

Carer QOL instrumentStudy referenceInternal consistencyReliabilityMeasurement errorContent validityStructural validityHypotheses testingCross-cultural validityCriterion validityResponsiveness
HDQoL-CAubeeluck and Buchanan17110110000
HDQoL-C-SFAubeeluck et al18200022100
CAREQOL-MSBenito-Leon et al19433140000
PDQ-CarerJenkinson et al21200120000
PDQ-Carer-SIMorley et al23200020000
PQoL CarersPillas et al22200420000
CGQOLVickrey et al6210011100
  • Key: 4: excellent, 3: good, 2: fair, 1: poor, 0: no information available.

  • ACQLI, Alzheimer's Carers Quality of Life Instrument; CGQOL, Caregiver Quality Of Life; COSMIN,COnsensus-based Standards for the selection of health Measurement Instruments;HDQoL-C, Huntington's disease quality-of-life battery for carers; HDQoL-C-SF, Huntington's disease quality-of-life battery for carers short form; MS, multiple sclerosis; PDQ-Carer-SI, Parkinson Disease Questionnaire for Carers Summary Index; PQoL Carers, Parkinsonism Carers QoL; QOL, quality of life.