Table 2

Summary of the laboratory tests and assays

DomainLaboratory parameterType of specimenMethod/assay
ImmunologyRotavirus (RV)-specific IgG antibodies
  • Mother's blood

  • Cord blood

  • Infant's blood

RV-specific IgA antibodies
Innate immunity activation markersInfant's bloodTruCulture blood collection and whole-blood culture systems
VirologyRotavirus shedding
  • Mother's stool

  • Infant's stool

Poliovirus shedding (type 1 and 3)
  • Mother's stool

  • Infant's stool

Markers of inflammationLocal (gut) inflammation
  • α-1-Antitrypsin (ATT)

  • Myeloperoxidase

Infant's stoolELISA
Systemic inflammationAcid glycoproteinInfant's bloodELISA
MicrobiotaCharacterisation of microbiota composition
  • Mother's stool

  • Breast milk

  • Infant's stool

DNA extraction


Next generation Sequencing
  • qPCR, quantitative PCR.