TableĀ 2

Overview of the semistructured interview schedule

Area of interestExample questions/prompts
PregnancyTell me about your experiences of the pregnancy before you miscarried?
What were your expectations?
DiagnosisCan you please tell me what happened when you miscarried?
Who was with you at the time?
Can you remember how you felt and what you thought at that time?
ManagementHow were you cared for, by the hospital or GP, when you were miscarrying?
SupportWhat supports were offered to you in the hospital following your miscarriage?
Did you seek support from family and friends?
Miscarriage: knowledge and experienceDid you have any knowledge of miscarriage before your experience?
Did you seek information about miscarriage?
From your medical team? Family and/or friends? Websites? Support groups?
Future pregnanciesHave you been pregnant or considered another pregnancy since the miscarriage?
If they had a pregnancy: can you tell me how you felt during that pregnancy?
  • GP, general practitioner.