Table 1

Population characteristics for responders and non-responders

Register basedResponders (n=16 099)Non-responders (n=33 901)
nPer centnPer cent
Population size
 Urban areas/Grenland10 29664.021 34863.0
 Rural areas/outside Grenland580336.012 55337.0
 Men715944.518 35854.2
 Women894055.515 54345.8
Age (years)
 16–30528232.814 62643.1
 41–50669141.610 19030.1
Responders (n=16 099)Non-responders (n=260)
Questionnaire basednPer centnPer cent
Smoking habits
 Past smokers327120.37730
 Current smokers374923.36425
Home/housing conditions
 Detached11 18169.5NA
Current occupation (ISCO-88) 
 Armed forces (Group 0)430.300
 Legislators, senior officials and managers (Group I)4983.152
 Professionals (Group II)174810.93513
 Technicians and associated professionals (Group III)300018.65220
 Clerks (Group IV)6744.2125
 Service workers and shop and market sales workers (Group V)171710.74618
 Skilled agriculture and fishery workers (Group VI)1581.021
 Craft and related trade workers (Group VII)12407.73513
 Plant and machine operators and assemblers (Group VIII)7794.8218
 Elementary occupations (Group IX)4382.7125
  • *The 5804 missing are the responders without data regarding current occupation. Of these, 58.9% state that they have been employed some time during the past 12 months, but have not presented enough occupational data to be classified according to ISCO-88. The remaining 41.1% did not state that they had been employed during the past 12 months.

  • ISCO-88, International Standard Classification of Occupations; NA, not applicable.