Table 1

Participant summary—grouped by frequency of drug use

Age (years)Time since street drugsTime since substituteLongest clean (off everything)How often using street drugs nowMain route when last usedTime since workedTotal worked
Daily use
 1511 dayNever (allergy)1 monthX1/daySmoke1 day31 years
 2521 dayNA (amphetamine and crack)6 monthsEvery daySmoke2 days40 years
 332TodayCurrent1 yearX5–20/dayIDU1 day15 years
 449TodayCurrent7 yearsX10/dayIDU5 days3 years+
 527TodayCurrent19 weeksX3–4/daySmokeToday7 years
 626TodayCurrent4 yearsX10/dayIDU2 days1 year
 7521 day>1 year1 year>Once/daySmoke5 days35 years
 8541 dayCurrent4 monthsX7/dayIDU6 months10 years
 938TodayCurrentAlways OSTX10/dayIDU1 day1½ years
Regular use
 10501 dayCurrent8 yearsX1–2/weekSmoke2 months14 years
 1149TodayCurrent3½ yearsX2–3/weekSmoke2 months20 years
 12361 dayCurrent2 weeksAlternate daysIDU1 month4 years
 13462 weeks2 years3½ yearsX1/monthSmoke3 years32 years
 14412 daysCurrent6 monthsX1–2/weekIDU2 days5 years
 15342 daysCurrent2 weeksX2/weekIDU2 days20 years
Problem alcohol use
 16381 monthCurrentNeverSeasonalSmoke5 months10 years
 17401 dayCurrentFew daysWhen misses methadoneIDU2 days10 years
In recovery
 18404 years3½ years4 yearsSmoked5 years12 years
 194113 months13 months13 monthsIDU13 months15 years
 20412 years13 months14 monthsIDU2 years20 years
 21362½ years2 years2 yearsIDU2½ years15 years
 22442 years3 years2 yearsIDU7 years10 years
 23373¾ years3½ years3½ yearsIDU3½ years1 year
 24374 years4 years4 yearsSmoke4 years8 years
  • IDU, injecting drug use; NA, not available; OST, opiate substitution treatment.