Table 3

Percentage response to optimal option for survey items (scores reversed for negatively worded items) and mean values for UCSQ domains

DescriptionNationalSouth*Mid-West*South EastNorth East*WestDublin North EastDublin MidlandsDublin South
Overall rating of care (%, excellent)35.937.62933.836.73742.635.335.4
Entry into the system—mean (SD)4.12 (0.75)4.14 (0.8)4.12 (0.73)4.08 (0.72)4.11 (0.82)4.08 (0.7)4.02 (0.83)4.20 (0.70)4.21 (0.69)
I did not know which service to go to about this problem.39.34442363933.935.24240.9
I felt that the first service I tried was the right one to help me.45.843.941.642.450.641.746.64948.5
I felt sometimes I had ended up in the wrong place.34.336.128.431.93631.232.437.439.6
Progress through the system—mean (SD)3.96 (0.75)4.06 (0.74)3.88 (0.79)3.99 (0.67)4.00 (0.79)3.87 (0.75)3.91 (0.83)3.96 (0.78)3.97 (0.69)
My concerns were taken seriously by everyone.37.842.939.433.138.233.935.143.635.6
I was made to feel like I was wasting everyone's time.39.242.635.133.841.234.639.342.642.9
I had to push to get the help I needed.29.935.128.125.933.121.331.134.428
I moved through the system smoothly.27.130.427.626.327.119.726.229.428.4
It took too long to get the care needed.26.52724.223.731.520.527.92629.4
I felt that no one took responsibility and sorted out my problem.30.436.526.625.232.52626.535.133.3
I saw the right people.30.035.428.431.234.52327.229.529.2
I felt I was given the wrong advice.32.237.423.230.939.62627.435.735.8
Services did not seem to talk to each other.20.122.617.320.321.419.518.722.618.5
At each stage, I was confident in the advice services gave me.27.429.924.826.629.621.326.530.129
Patient convenience of the system—mean (SD)3.76 (0.76)3.88 (0.72)3.69 (0.77)3.69 (0.74)3.83 (0.78)3.70 (0.74)3.73 (0.83)3.77 (0.75)3.81 (0.68)
Travelling to services I needed was easy.34.737.733.3273533.332.239.928.3
I was told how long I'd have to wait.17.624.515.112.119.41418.21620.3
Services had the information they needed about me.32.73731.331.231.532.330.335.532.3
I had to repeat myself too many times.29.627.428.923.932.92727.43434.6
Services understood that I had responsibilities, like my need to look after my family.25.423.822.915.830.324.829.228.926.1
  • *Regions that undertook large-scale reconfiguration programmes.

  • UCSQ, Urgent Care System Questionnaire.