Table 4

Association between the type of comorbidities primary care consultations, hospitalisations and medications prescribed

Primary care consultationsHospitalisations*Medications
Rate ratio95% CIp ValueRate ratio95% CIp ValueRate ratio95% CIp Value
Hypertension1.031.00 to 1.060.0210.960.88 to 1.040.2861.291.23 to 1.35<0.001
Painful disease1.141.10 to 1.17<0.0011.21.09 to 1.31<0.0011.511.44 to 1.59<0.001
Depression1.111.07 to 1.14<0.0011.050.95 to 1.160.3321.401.32 to 1.47<0.001
Hearing loss1.010.98 to 1.040.5271.020.93 to 1.130.6680.980.93 to 1.040.587
Coronary heart disease1.071.03 to 1.11<0.0011.111.00 to 1.230.0431.291.22 to 1.37<0.001
Stroke1.041.00 to 1.080.0351.241.11 to 1.38<0.0011.171.10 to 1.24<0.001
Constipation1.091.04 to 1.13<0.0011.231.09 to 1.390.0011.040.97 to 1.120.232
Diabetes1.181.13 to 1.22<0.0011.181.05 to 1.330.0051.391.30 to 1.49<0.001
Atrial fibrillation1.171.13 to 1.22<0.0011.261.12 to 1.42<0.0011.201.13 to 1.29<0.001
Chronic Kidney Disease1.071.03 to 1.11<0.0011.10.98 to 1.220.0981.031.10 to 1.24<0.001
  • All models adjusted for age, gender, comorbidities included in this table and the total number of comorbidities not included in this table (those with a prevalence below 10%). Further adjustment for dementia medication and deprivation produce only small changes in the estimate, suggesting that these covariates did not confound the association presented in this table.

  • *In total,2853 participants included due to missing linked data.