Table 4

Results of sensitivity analyses

Incremental effectIncremental costsICER €/QALYDominance (%)Probability cost-effective λ=€20.000 (%)Probability cost-effective λ=€80.000 (%)
Healthcare perspective
 Breast (n=165)0.011861432.6445817
 Colon (n=29)0.03−4743D*100100100
Without radio and cancer therapy†
 Breast (n=165)0.011638200.1342416
 Colon (n=29)0.03−2393D*10099100
Subgroup no immunotherapy
 Breast (n=131)0.011759299.4954617
Maximum cost price PACT (150%)
 Breast (n=165)0.0132144399.548126
 Colon (n=29)0.03−3930D*100100100
Minimum cost price PACT (50%)
 Breast (n=165)0.012560261.0304613
 Colon (n=29)0.03−4638D*100100100
  • *D=ICER not provided because the intervention is considered dominant to usual care.

  • †Chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy and required day care hospital admissions.

  • ICER, incremental cost-effectiveness ratio.