Table 2

Suggested fluid challenges and use of vasoconstrictor therapy if there was evidence of fluid responsiveness

Colloid* (recommended) or crystalloid (3 mL/kg)LiberalRestrictive
Colloid/blood (using a transfusion threshold) bolus if acute bleedingYesYes
If normotensive but monitoring suggests hypovolaemia (eg, CVP<5 or oliguria)YesNo
If normotensive but goal-directed device suggests hypovolaemia (eg, FTc <0.33, ΔSV ≥10% or SVV≥13%)YesConsider
If hypotensive
(1) and hypovolaemiaColloid*Colloid* (but limit)+vasoconstrictor
(2) but not hypovolaemicColloid*±vasoactivevasoactive therapy
  • *Starch-based colloids were not recommended.

  • CVP, central venous pressure monitoring; FTc, flow time corrected; SVV, stroke volume variation.