Table 1

The study population

Number of serum lithium concentration analyses availableMaternal age at delivery (years)Comedication during pregnancy
During pregnancyFirst month after deliveryAt baseline
Patient 12+3*11934/39*Perphenazine
Patient 210031Valproic acid, escitalopram, mianserin, chlorprothixene
Patient 350532Alprazolam
Patient 420232Lamotrigine
Patient 5131527
Patient 610230Lamotrigine, quetiapine
Patient 710230Risperidone
Patient 810040Zopiclone, quetiapine, alimemazine
Patient 910030Lamotrigine, olanzapine
Patient 1010028
Patient 1110134Lamotrigine, quetiapine
Patient 12101337Quetiapine
Patient 1340436
Total25463Mean: 32.9
  • *Patient 1 contributed with samples from two pregnancies.