Table 5

Factors associated with experiencing violence and experiencing violence plus witnessing, male students

CharacteristicModel 1
Experienced violence from any perpetrator but did not witness shouting or physical parental violence n=1190
Model 2
Experienced violence from any perpetrator and witnessed shouting or physical parental violence n=598
aOR95% CIp ValueaOR95% CIp Value
Age (years)0.880.79 to 0.970.0151.010.85 to 1.210.887
Ate at least 3 meals yesterday (vs less)0.960.67 to 1.370.8031.190.72 to 1.980.488
Share sleeping area with 2 or more children (vs less)0.730.57 to 0.930.0130.520.36 to 0.740.001
Share sleeping area with 1 or more adults (vs none)1.180.86 to 1.630.3011.160.68 to 1.960.579
Disability (vs not)1.490.91 to 2.440.1141.120.51 to 2.460.775
Work <1 hour per days11
Work 1–2 hours per day1.691.15 to 2.490.0081.861.14 to 3.040.014
Work more than 2 hours per day1.630.88 to 3.020.1192.070.91 to 4.720.082
Low SDQ score11
Medium SDQ score1.660.96 to 2.870.0692.901.60 to 5.260.001
High SDQ score2.281.29 to 4.070.0063.851.16 to 10.170.008
Used physical or sexual violence3.231.99 to 5.24<0.0015.552.94 to 10.49<0.001
  • aOR is adjusted OR, adjusted for all other variables in the model.

  • SDQ: Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire.