Table 2

Subcategories of the ‘disagreement’ theme

Subcategory descriptionParaphrased examplesPercentage (number) of tweets in disagreement theme expressing subcategory
Anger or resistance towards guidelines but no specific reasons givenHow many more guidelines FFS
Wish the government and its health minions would keep their advice to themselves
63.0% (170)
Specific disagreement with the scientific backing of the guidelines14 units for BOTH men & women is completely illogical
Alcohol in moderation actually has a number of health benefits
18.1% (49)
Guidelines fail to acknowledge pleasure of alcohol useSome of my happiest memories were made when I drank over #alcoholguidelines7.0% (19)
Guidelines do not go far enough to tackle excessive drinkingGovernment should tell the truth that alcohol is poison4.8% (13)
Guidelines will negatively impact the economy generally or the alcohol industry specificallyBritish pubs have suffered a lot. This is another knife in the pub trade2.6% (7)
UK alcohol guidelines differ to other countriesFrance has the best guidance on alcohol consumption—none1.5% (4)
Miscellaneous3.3% (9)