Term usedData used in Analysis
AuthorsThe persons listed on the published article reporting the results of the review. Not all team members were listed as authors of resulting publications, so we counted and evaluated ‘team members’ separately. A sum of unique names was generated to create a combined variable for analysis of people involved (authors/team members).
Team membersThe number of persons working on the review per the PROSPERO registry (see above for distinctions with ‘authors’).
ReviewsThe activities of searching the literature, selecting studies that meet inclusion criteria and synthesis of study results. In our data, two governmental publications contained two review processes, thus resulting in our evaluation of 197 reviews reported in 195 publications.
PublicationsThe published results of the review process(es) in a scholarly journal or government document.
StudiesWe counted studies and citations in Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) diagrams as the same thing, although some levels of PRISMA diagrams may contain some duplicate reports of studies in different citations.