Table 1

Descriptive statistics for number of authors, time for publication, and quantitative or qualitative yield rates for 195 records analysed in the PROSPERO registry

CategoryMean, SDMedianIQRRange
Authors/team members (n=195 publications)5, 3531–27
Time (in weeks; registered project start to publication date, n=192*)67.3, 31.065.841.66–186
Quantitative analysis yield rate (n=82; %)2.6,–32.43
Qualitative analysis yield rate (n=80; %)2.7,–26.19
Merged yield rate (n=190; %)2.94, 6.490.932.50.0–64.71
  • *Three studies were excluded from this calculation because they were registered after the publication date.

  • †Excludes a small overlap between quantitative and qualitative studies when information was not provided in the publication to differentiate between the categories.