Table 2

Comparison (analysis of variance) of reported funding of author salaries (n=20 for both outcomes) or review projects (n=86 for time, n=88 for authors) to time and authors needed to complete and publish the reviews

OutcomeDid outcome differ from reviews reporting no funding?Means (reported as funded vs funding not reported)F, p Value
Time to complete (n=191)df (1, 189)
Review funding reported (n=86)Yes42 vs 26 weeks17.545, <0.001
Salary funding reported (n=20)No68 vs 64 weeks0.258, 0.612
Number of authors/team members (n=195)df (1193)
Review funding reported (n=88)Yes6.8 vs 4.8 persons14.638, <0.001
Salary funding reported (n=20)No6.0 vs 5.7 persons0.08, 0.778