Table 1

Items of person-organisation fit scale (a five-point Likert scale)

Needs: to what extent do you think the following items can motivate you to work harder?
 A good income3.961.10
 A good benefit package3.741.22
 Smooth career development3.731.11
 Rich learning opportunities3.691.03
 Participation in decision-making3.31.10
 Honour given by the organisation3.411.11
 Respect from the community3.850.93
 Good relationship with colleagues3.950.95
 Job security (a stable job)3.661.12
Supplies: to what extent do you think your organisation provides the following items?
 A good income2.670.79
 A good benefit package3.030.88
 Smooth career development2.780.90
 Rich learning opportunities3.330.78
 Participation in decision-making3.331.05
 Honour given by the organisation3.280.74
 Respect from the community3.80.69
 Good relationship with colleagues4.270.64
 Job security (a stable job)3.640.77