Table 1

Overall inclusion and exclusion criteria for publication screening

SectionCriteriaInclude if:
LanguagePublication reported in EnglishYes
DesignRandomised or non-randomised food-based trials, or prospective or retrospective cohort or, case–control, cross-sectional studiesYes
Case reports, reviews, editorials, letter to the editor, qualitative researchNo
PopulationAdults aged 18+ yearsYes
Animal studies or studies including <18 yearsNo
  • Studies examining the relationship between total or specific dietary phytochemical intake from foods and health outcomes

  • The intervention advises participants to consume foods rich in phytochemicals:

    • Natural whole food, include powder and puree which are food composition complete, such as blueberries and apple

    • Natural whole food juice or drink, such as apple juice

    • Complex food, which contains more than one whole food ingredients combination, for example, fortified bread or cereal bar

  • Studies examining encapsulated phytochemicals, extract from herbal sources and purified or modified version of phytochemicals.

  • Mechanistic studies (ie, bioavailability or mechanistic feeding studies)


AccessFull-text article accessibleYes