Table 1

Association between adoption of national policies on CCM for both pneumonia and diarrhoea and changes in total under-five mortality level between 1990 and 2015 in 74 high-burden low-income and middle-income countries

National policy on CCM for both diarrhoea and pneumonia
Percentage of countries with both policies (N=44)Percentage of countries without both policies* (N=30)Pearson χ2 value (p value)
Achievement of MDG4 target
 Target not achieved61 (27)83 (25)4.12 (0.042)
 Target achieved39 (17)17 (5)
Relative ranking in child mortality (1990 and 2015)
 Rank decreased by 10 positions16 (7)43 (13)6.96 (p=0.031)
 Rank within ± 10 positions55 (24)40 (12)
 Rank improved by 10+ positions30 (13)17 (5)
Total100 (44)100 (30)
  • *This includes countries without a CCM policy or those with a CCM policy only for diarrhoea.

  • CCM, community case management; MDG4, Millennium Development Goals.