Table 4

Results of multivariate logistic regression of BPT criteria as predictors for 30-day and 1 year mortality

 30-Day mortality1 Year mortality
Time to surgery−0.6410.2490.010−0.6390.1690.000
MDT admission protocol−1.1620.8120.153−1.3470.7000.0.54
AMT pre-op2.3910.9320.0102.0310.7160.005
Orthogeriatrician review within 72 hours−0.9880.7770.2040.3930.7680.609
AMT post-op−1.7400.3930.000−0.6420.3550.071
MDT-guided rehabilitation−1.2340.4460.006−0.8190.4000.041
Falls assessment−0.4740.9390.6140.0030.8310.997
Bone protection assessment0.7150.9460.450−1.0770.7710.162
  • A p value of <0.05 was considered to be statistically significant. Any significant results are highlighted in bold. Entered on step 1: time to surgery, MDT admission protocol, AMT pre-op, orthogeriatrician review within 72 hours, AMT post-op, MDT-guided rehabilitation, falls assessment and bone protection assessment.

  • AMT, abbreviated mental test.