Table 1

Best practice tariff criteria

Best practice tariff criteria10
1Time to surgery with 36 hours from arrival in the A&E department to the start of anaesthesia (or from time of diagnosis if an admitted patient)
2Admitted under the joint care of a consultant geriatrician and consultant orthopaedic surgeon
3Admitted using an assessment protocol agreed by geriatric medicine, orthopaedic surgery and anaesthesia
4Perioperative assessment by geriatrician in the perioperative period (within 72 hours of admission)
5Postoperative geriatrician guided multiprofessional rehabilitation team
6Fracture prevention assessments (falls and bone health)
7Two AMT scores performed, and all the scores recorded in the NHFD with the first test being carried out prior to surgery and the second post-surgery but within the same spell
  • Failure of criteria 3 reflects a lack of documentary evidence that the agreed multidisciplinary assessment process was used.

  • AMT, abbreviated mental test.