Table 3

Summary of data collected for evaluation of the economic impact of the two intervention arms

System*Direct costs
Out-of-pocketTimeIndirect costs‡
  • Acute inpatient hospitalisations

  • Psychiatric inpatient hospitalisations

  • Same-day surgeries

  • ED visits

  • Other ambulatory care (chemo clinic visits, dialysis clinic visits)

  • Physician services

  • Diagnostic/laboratory tests

  • Outpatient prescription drugs covered under the ODB programme

  • Home care

  • Complex continuing care

  • Long-term care

  • Inpatient rehabilitation

  • Assistive devices (not available from 2010-onwards)

  • OOP costs spent visiting health professionals

  • Outpatient prescription drugs not covered under the ODB programme

  • Equipment

  • Community services

  • Household help

  • Time costs spent visiting health professionals

  • Time lost from work and leisure

  • Lost productivity

  • *Available through ICES.

  • †To be collected from youth and caregiver.

  • ‡To be estimated and/or obtained from the literature.

  • ED, emergency department; ICES, Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences; ODB, Ontario Drug Benefit; OOP, out-of-pocket.