Table 3

Results of univariate analysis of BPT criteria as predictors for 30-day mortality

 OR 95% CI
Survived 30 daysDid not survive 30 daysORLowerUpperp Value
Time to surgery886/105985/1180.5030.3260.776<0.005
MDT admission protocol1046/1055115/1180.3300.0881.2360.11
AMT pre-op1034/1059116/1181.4020.3285.9960.48
Orthogeriatrician review within 72 hours1052/1058110/1180.0780.0270.230<0.005
AMT post-op1013/105981/1180.0990.0610.162<0.005
MDT-guided rehabilitation1023/105785/1140.0970.0570.168<0.005
Falls assessment1039/1058103/1180.1260.0620.255<0.005
Bone protection assessment1038/1059102/1180.1290.0650.255<0.005
  • A p value of <0.05 was considered to be statistically significant. Any significant results are highlighted in bold. An OR of <1 infers that achieving the criterion was associated with an improved rate of survival.