Table 2

Examples of SHARE involvement in recruitment to different types of study challenge

StudyChallengeDetailNumber approachedNumber delivered to researcherNumber entered into study
The Effect of Spironolactone on Pain in Older People with Osteoarthritis
Required data from both primary and secondary careThis study sought to recruit people with osteoarthritis and knee pain who had not been on NSAIDs, ACE inhibitors or spironolactone. They required eight additional participants before a 2-week deadline25 168
DIabetes REmission Clinical Trial
Rescue before recruitment closureThis study required recently diagnosed people with diabetes within 3 weeks before study closure1282
Decision-making and comprehension of interactive and static Summary of Findings tables.
Large-scale surveyComplex survey exploring preferences for presentation of risk which had struggled to get responses. 20% response was desired.
However, the survey was only compatible with desktop operating systems and therefore was inaccessible to the large numbers of registrants who clicked through from mobile devices.
50 00016 266 viewed full email, 9183 clicked and attempted surveyOver 2000 completed.
Infection And Acid Secretory Function
Anticipated high refusal rateStudy which required 150 healthy volunteers willing to undergo endoscopy1400251150
REFORM—Finding people with multiple morbidityResearch into the Effect Of SGLT2 inhibition on left ventricular remodelling in patients with heart failure and diabetes mellitus632715
  • NSAIDs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.