Table 3

Description of the type of transfer and reported persons involved in the 39 included studies

Studies with published results
Studies in progress
Type of transfer *
 In the same centre20(51)16(61)4(29)
 Between 2 centres23(59)14(54)9(64)
NR1 1(7)
Reported persons involved
 At least one medical doctor (from paediatric or adult care)26(67)21(81)5(38)
 At least one paramedical/social professional (from paediatric or adult care)28(72)20(77)8(61)
At least one paediatric care professional†28(72)20(77)8(62)
  Medical team22(56)17(65)5(38)
  Paramedical/social team22(56)15(58)7(54)
At least one adult care professional†26(67)21(81)5(38)
  Medical team23(59)19(73)4(31)
  Paramedical/ social team16(41)14(54)2(15)
 Paediatric and adults teams together20(51)16(61)4(31)
 Family of the young people9(23)7(27)2(15)
 External persons‡3(8)1(4)2(15)
  • *In one study in progress and four studies with published results the two types of transfer are planned.

  • †The fact that the sum of professionals involved is higher than total number of studies is explained by the possibility for studies to involve both medical and paramedical teams in their intervention.

  • ‡See online supplementary appendix 3 for more details.

  • NR, not reported.