Table 1

Participants' ratings of how important they believe each factor to be in reaching a decision about who receives a kidney transplant as evidenced by mean importance scores

1HLA/tissue matching8.661.761–10
2Likelihood of dying without a transplant8.301.725–10
3Age <18 years of potential recipient8.282.093–10
4Blood-group match8.092.331–10
5Gain in quality of health7.582.250–10
6Travelling distance between donor kidney and recipient7.512.760–10
7Age 18–60 years7.142.303–10
8Gain in quality of life6.733.120–10
9Waiting time6.592.310–10
10Gain in life expectancy6.482.970–10
11Number of children of potential recipient6.243.110–10
12Other medical conditions5.672.830–10
13Age 60 years+5.541.903–10
  • Factors rated from 0 (not at all important) to 10 (most important).