Table 2

The three most commonly extracted Read terms in 1995 and 2014 for (1) any category and (2) for each category 1–4

CategoryRead termRead codeNo.Per centRead termRead codeNo.Per cent
AnyType 2 diabetes mellitusC10F.00255931Type 2 diabetes mellitusC10F.0010 01755
Diabetes mellitusC10.00204625Seen in diabetic clinic9N1Q.00572732
Non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitusC109.00170220Diabetes mellitusC10.007534
1Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitusC10001148459Type 1 diabetes mellitusC108.1236190
Type 1 diabetes mellitusC108.1225631Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitusC100011184
IDDM-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitusC108.11385Type 1 diabetes mellitus with ketoacidosisC10EM00123
2Type 2 diabetes mellitusC10F.00255953Type 2 diabetes mellitusC10F.0010 01797
Non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitusC109.00170235Non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitusC109.001371
Maturity onset diabetesC1001114219Type II diabetes mellitusC10F.11581
3Diabetes mellitusC10.00204697Diabetes mellitusC10.0075397
Diabetes mellitus, adult onset, no mention of complicationC100100522Secondary diabetes mellitusC10N.0071
Diabetes mellitus with no mention of complicationC100.00121Cystic fibrosis-related diabetes mellitusC10N10030
4Attending diabetes clinic9NM0.0015329Seen in diabetic clinic9N1Q.00572786
H/O: diabetes mellitus143413926O/E—Right diabetic foot at low risk2G5E.001723
Seen in diabetic clinic9N1Q.007514Diabetic annual review66AS.001282
  • Each patient is counted only once and the Read term is the earliest to be recorded in the patient's assigned category.