Table 1

Study measurements

Introduction visitPhase IPhase II2 Week—daily monitoring phase
 Patient characteristicsOnce
 Medication diaryDailyWeeklyDaily
 Exacerbation questionDailyWeekly
 m-AQLQOnceEnd of phase IMonthly
 GA2LEN FFQOnceEnd of phase II
 SNOT-22OnceEnd of phase IMonthly
 ASQEnd of phase IBiannually
Clinical tests and home-monitoring/mHealth systems
 Allergy testOnce*
 Reversibility testOnce*
 SpirometryOnceTwo times per dayWeeklyTwo times per day
 FeNOOnceTwo times per dayWeeklyTwo times per day
 Breath temperatureOnceTwo times per dayWeeklyTwo times per day
 HR and activity levelContinuousContinuousContinuous
 Respiratory rateContinuousContinuousContinuous
 Inhaler usageContinuousContinuousContinuous
 Environmental dataContinuousContinuousContinuous
  • *Performed if there is no previous test in medical notes. Atopy will be assessed by skin prick tests,24 or measuring levels of specific IgE in serum. forced expiratory volume in the first second before and after bronchodilation will be assessed using standardised spirometry according to the ERS criteria.25

  • ACD, Asthma Control Diary; ACQ, Asthma Control Questionnaire; ASQ, After-Scenario Questionnaire; FeNO, fraction of exhaled nitric oxide; GA2LEN FFQ, Global Allergy and Asthma European Network Food frequency Questionnaire; HADS, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale; hEIQ, Health Education and Impact Questionnaire; m-AQLQ, mini Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaire; SNOT-22, Sino-Nasal Outcome Test 22.