Table 7

Analysis of time to PU development (patient level): Accelerated Failure Time models

CovariateRatio* of time to developing new Category ≥2 PU95% CIp Value
Univariable analyses
 Age (continuous)1.011.00 to 1.030.0354
 Skin alterations (yes vs no)1.400.99 to 1.970.0593
 Analgesic use (yes vs no)1.050.61 to 1.830.8577
 Braden mobility (1 or 2 vs 3 or 4)1.371.00 to 1.870.0498
 Category 1 PU (yes vs no)2.631.93 to 3.58<0.0001
 Diabetic (yes vs no)1.240.85 to 1.800.2591
 History of prior weight loss (yes vs no)0.900.62 to 1.300.5715
 Pain (yes vs no)2.681.86 to 3.86<0.0001
 Setting (Hospital vs community)1.130.81 to 1.580.4652
Final multivariable AFT model
 Category 1 PU (yes vs no)2.321.73 to 3.12<0.0001
 Pressure-related pain (yes vs no)2.281.59 to 3.27<0.0001
  • Bold values indicate statistical significance. Number in final model=602.

  • *Ratio corresponds to the acceleration factor.

  • PU, pressure ulcer.