Table 5

Primary analysis (patient level): logistic regression models

CovariateOR95% CIp Value
Univariable analyses
Age (continuous)1.010.99 to 1.0220.3936
Age (categorical) (reference=‘less than 65 years’)
 85 years or older1.310.73 to 2.350.4192
 65–74 years1.200.63 to 2.290.3885
 75–84 years1.170.65 to 2.080.2996
 Diabetic status* (yes vs no)1.450.97 to 2.180.0722
 History of weight loss (yes vs no)1.040.68 to 1.600.8462
 Braden mobility (1 or 2 vs 3 or 4)1.210.84 to 1.760.3055
 Skin alterations (yes vs no)1.791.20 to 2.660.0045
 Category 1 PU (yes vs no)3.202.63 to 4.74<0.0001
 Setting (hospital vs community)0.920.62 to 1.350.6576
 Analgesic use (yes vs no)0.870.46 to 1.620.6542
 Pressure-related pain on healthy, altered or category 1 skin site (yes vs no)2.051.25 to 3.380.0047
Final multivariable model from primary analysis
 Category 1 PU (yes vs no)3.252.17 to 4.86<0.0001
 Skin alterations (yes vs no)1.981.30 to 3.000.0014
 Pressure-related pain on healthy, altered or Category 1 skin site (yes vs no)1.560.93 to 2.630.0931
  • Bold values indicate statistical significance. *Missing diabetic status set to ‘no’ for one patient.

  • †Missing history of prior weight loss status set to ‘no’ for one patient.

  • PU, pressure ulcer.