Table 1

Source and summary of conditions included in the Multimorbidity Checklist

CIRS domainStudy and included conditionsIncluded MM Checklist conditions
Teljeur et al27Naughton et al6Household Quarterly Report 2010CARDI 2011/Savva et al 2011 unpublished manuscriptTILDA 2011 Report: Fifty plus in IrelandDiederichs et al10 (systematic review)Sinnige et al28(systematic review)Agborsangaya et al5Sinnott et al19
CardiacHeart diseaseHypertension/heart failure, arrhythmiasHeart Attack, heart failureAngina, heart attackCardiovascular disease (angina, heart attack, heart failure)Chronic ischaemic heart disease, arrhythmia, insufficiency, infarctionHeart disease, heart failure, attack, angina (coronary artery disease)Prior heart attack, angina, heart failure, aortic aneurysm, other cardiac disease, peripheral vascular disease,Angina, arrhythmia, heart failure, heart attack, other
HaematopoieticHigh cholesterol, hyperlipidaemia,HypercholesterolaemiaHigh cholesterolLipid metabolism disordersHigh cholesterolHigh cholesterol
RespiratoryChest/lung disease, asthmaRespiratory conditionsAsthma, COPDRespiratory disease (eg, bronchitis or emphysema)COPDCOPD, asthmaAsthma, bronchitisAsthma, bronchitis, emphysema, COPD, other
Eyes, ears, nose, throat and larynxGlaucomaEye disease (eg, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, cataracts)Glaucoma, other
UPPER GI (oesophagus, stomach, duodenum)Gastrointestinal diseaseGastrointestinal disease, Other GI conditions
*HepaticLiver disease (eg, hepatitis)
*RenalKidney disease (eg, chronic kidney disease)
GenitourinaryUrinary incontinenceUrinary incontinence, other
MusculoskeletalArthritisMusculoskeletal conditions, Pagets/osteoporosis, Rheumatological conditionsOsteoporosisPain, arthritis, osteoporosisArthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, chronic back or neck disorderArthritisChronic back pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritisBack pain or problem, neck pain or problem, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, other
*Headache disordersHeadache disorder (eg, migraine, cluster headaches, tension headaches)
NeurologicalParkinson's disease, dementiaStrokeStrokeStroke/TIAStrokeDementia, cerebrovascular disease/strokeStrokeStroke, TIA, Dementia, Other CNS conditions
Endocrine/metabolic and breastDiabetes, hypothyroidism, obesityDiabetes, thyroid disordersDiabetesDiabetesDiabetesDiabetes, thyroid disease, obesityDiabetes, obesityThyroid disease, diabetesDiabetes (type 1), Diabetes (type 2), hypothyroidism, obesity Other
PsychiatricDepressionPsychiatric disorders, anxietyDepression, anxietyDepressionDepressionDepression/anxietyAnxiety, depressionDepression, anxiety, other
Other conditions:CancerCancerCancerCancerCancerCancerAny cancer in the past 5 years
Epilepsy, gout, sleep disturbanceSleep apnoeaEpilepsy, gout, chronic sleep disturbance
  • This table summarises the process of integrating previous multimorbidity studies and their listed conditions with the body system (CIRS domain) approach to develop the final list of conditions that appear in our multimorbidity tool (see the rightmost column). *Conditions included, as a result of advice from a healthcare practitioner.

  • CIRS, Cumulative Illness Rating Scale; MM, Multimorbidity.

  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; CNS, central nervous system; GI, gatroinstestinal; TIA, transient ischaemic attack.