Table 6

OR for referral to hospital by different variables and parents' assessment. Significant results (p<0.05) in bold

Complete cases n=245 (missing 38%)Multiple imputation
VariableOR95% CIOR95% CI
Age*1.300.87 to 1.941.020.71 to 1.46
Vomiting (no=0, yes=1)0.850.23 to to 2.97
Respiratory rate*1.051.00 to to 1.12
Oxygen saturation
 >95% (reference)
 90–95%4.281.05 to 17.433.391.02 to 11.23
 <90%16.030.96 to 267.813.190.32 to 31.94
Signs on auscultation (no=0, yes=1)6.921.73 to 27.645.571.96 to 15.84
Findings on ear examination (no=0, yes=1)0.190.04 to 0.980.220.05 to 0.87
Parents' assessment of seriousness
 Think it is not serious but want a check (reference)
 Not sure, maybe in need of treatment14.611.13 to 188.486.371.34 to 30.18
 Think antibiotics are needed7.080.52 to 96.803.800.73 to 19.84
 Think the child needs hospitalisation815.7226.58 to 25033.0414.1725.89 to 6624.4
  • Adjusted logistic regression with and without multiple imputation.

  • *Continuous variable.